Rainbow in a Waterfall

I threw a flower into a waterfall lit up by a rainbow
And made my wish
My wish was for the good to win at every turn
For the wicked heart to pump blessings
For the magic and the natural beauty of the world to glitter even though it’s not gold
For the kids to be safe from the darkness
For the families to be ruled by their hearts
To see your winning charismatic smile
To see peace in the eyes of every soldier safe at home
And to hear justice and mercy in the mouth of every person on the side of the law.

I made this wish for every person who is good at heart, and I believe that’s every single one of us.


Let’s play Earth

The mood shifted and a glimmering hope erupted.
The sky bloomed with sun and clouds, the stars shone bright in the light
It awakened the creatures and the people to a new horizon in which fresh ideas and shadowy movements filled the vivid world.

Every person would have an equal place in this world

Every job would be fruitful, prized and valued

And there would be art and beauty incorporated into every endeavor.
If it was a video game it would be called Utopian Heavens and we would all feel a little happier when we played.

Wandering Wolf

Wandering wolf
Never knew the rules
Left out in the cold
Was never told
That life could be
Better than what she sees
Charasmatic lies were weaved
To keep her stuck begging on her knees
A materialization of a life lived well
Was the only escape from the maddening spell
That held her down
And cast her around
She just wanted love and stability
To keep her pure and truely happy.

Miscellaneous Nights

Miscellaneous nights 
Turn into fights 
About whats right 
Lets not fight 
Lets enjoy the night 
Its not right to blast 
The past 
Into your face 
Relate what happened then 
To whats happening now 

Kanye inspires me 
He retires 
My right to not relate 
Don’t hate the hater 
Cause then you’re just as bad as them 
You know I talk shit 
Its almost unrealistic 
To converse without it 
It seems kinda funny 
To laugh at anothers demise 
But you know 
That someone else  
Is having at it 
About you 
With that kind of attitude 

Don’t abuse 
Those that you love 
It’s a massive mistake  
We all make 
But don’t do it damnit 
You will 
We’re all human after all 
We all fall  
We all fail to see the light 
When its time to doing whats right 

Its tight  
To know 
Whats beneath that skin  
Of yours 
A heart  
That hurts 
But still a heart 
That calls 
Calls for love 
Calls for empathy 
Calls for spirituality 
It’s a fallacy 
To say  
We just wait 
For the right one 
We’re calling with our hearts 
Letting out sounds 
Throughout the universe 
That sounds like a song verse 
When your songs are finally heard  
That is your life completely 
It creates a union 
A merging 
That ends the searching 
Then the two lives can begin to be shared 
New happenings will emerge 
But nothing can compare 
To your time with your true love 
Pains will ensue 
But the experience of love will overrule 
That’s overwhelmingly true 
And love gets better  
With time 
The proof lies 
With the day you’re on your deathbed 
And he’s holding your hand  
You’re looking him in the eye 
And you smile  
Thinking of the miles 
You’ve traveled throughout time 
With him 
In love 
You never forget 
Not even after death 
If there is a heaven 
Then when you meet again  
Only the best times play in your head 
In my mind at least  
In heaven 
We’ll all be relived of the beast 
That lives in all of us as humans 
So when you once again meet 
Everything is as you please 
Love and ecstasy 
Loving memories 
Every day  
Is a day  
To lay with your man 
Or with your woman 
And by nightfall 
You can recall 
The beautiful day you’ve experienced 
And each day gets better 
It’s a beautiful  love letter. 

The Alter Ego

The beauty that surrounded her engaged her mind into thoughts of serenity

Flashes of memories collided in her mind forming a collage of picturesque moments

She wanted every space, including the outer reaches of her mind, to be occupied by blissful rom coms, comedies, and fantasies that were produced and directed by her life

She wanted a pure life




So she set out to create a flow of whimsicality and pleasant happenstance,

She wanted to fight for this beauty after going through the horror that haunted her normally preoccupied and worried mind.


Another day in the life of a hero
Tryna fight through it all
Everyday tryna grow

Following his God
Doing the right thing
No need for church assembling

He sees all the evil
It makes him hate people
He wants to see good
He wants to see good

Abused and abandoned
Forgotten, back handed
He waits for the day
When he can finally say
He has a true friend

And he waits and he waits for the day to come
When the devils curse can be undone
And he lies and he lies
Saying he doesnt care
But i know in his heart
He says it cause he cant bear
The pain is to strong
He cant hold on for long
But one day nothings gonna go wrong

He holds in his tears
Its been so many years
Cant cry anymore
His hearts already torn
He only wants more

He loves his wife
They take care of each other
He kisses her hand
And says one day it’ll get better

He holds on
So badly wanting to die
But he knows his love
Needs him by her side

A struggling man
One day will see
A greater life
Lived happily

The Arts as a Career

Before I really begin my blog I just want to let anyone who doesn’t know that are on ssi, or knows someone on ssi, because of mental illness or another disability, that we will now be able to get food stamps so we will be able to live a more secure and happy life. I know we all struggle with getting enough food and the essentials of life like shoes and clothes.

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting a career instead of being stuck on this ssi, because of my mental illness, which is $950 a month. I was thinking about becoming a mail carrier because they make about $50,000 a year and u dont need a college education. You can just get right into it as long as they’re hiring. Plus I thought it would be good excercise instead of having to sit at a desk( I know not everyone has the luxury to choose)

Then i started thinking that if I became a mail carrier I wouldn’t have time to write scripts, stories, poems, songs, do art and practice the guitar and acting. So i decided against the mail carrier position and to just struggle through with a minimum wage part time job on top of the ssi. ( I will have about half my paycheck because of my ssi). So my husband and I will have to buy music equipment, tuturing services for learning voice and acting and buying art materials on what i get plus what my husband brings in.

So we’ll be able to afford these things once I get a part time job.

I have a few other ideas like buying college textbooks on the arts so I can make sure my information source is accurate. Also I’m thinking of taking one college class at a time on the arts and general knowledge so that i can really immerse myself in the class and really have a lot of time to do extra studying on each subject.

Weight loss and becoming more healthy are on my plate too.

So wish me luck and hopefully I’ll become a success.